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Johnny with Ken Mottet

of KRUU FM 100.1 Fairfield IA. 

Surf Ball Room

“I have been asked who put on the best show doing Buddy Holly. The guy I enjoyed hearing the most was Johnny Rogers.  I’m also 

impressed with the way he does other artists and I would like to hear him again.  His performance, look, and mannerisms remind me

of my brother.”
Larry Holly (Buddy’s brother) TX

“Amazing show! The audience absolutely loved it. This was the best in a series of great shows we’ve done.  The moment the show

was over, people were asking when we would have him back.”  Oklahoma City, OK

“Johnny does the best Buddy Holly I've ever seen. I must say Johnny is the best showman I’ve ever performed with.  
I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do.” 
Tommy Allsup (Buddy's former guitarist)


Live Radio Interview with Ken Mottet of KRUU FM 100.1 Fairfield IA. 

“Johnny Rogers is the best male entertainer that I have witnessed in Branson in 25 years.”  He can do anything, and he plays

the fire out of that lead guitar.” 

Gary Wackerly, Branson, MO.  Theater Critic

“Extraordinary! Johnny is a consummate musician, vocalist and performer. When he takes the stage, he honors the men who

created rock n roll.  I think Buddy Holly himself would be proud to play along-side Johnny Rogers.”

Brant Weber, FOX 25 News Azle, TX.


  • KRUU FM 100.1 22:13

Surf Ball Room

Surf Ball Room


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Surf Ball Room Tribute to

        the Big Bopper