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Johnny Rogers


eLVIS Thru the years

Johnny Dressed up as the King Himself during a show of Elvis thru the Years
Johnny on stage dressed up as the King during a performance of Elvis thru the Years.
Johnny in front of the Microphone while dressed up as the King during a performance of Elvis thru the Years

'Elvis' Thru the Years

The Johnny Rogers Show 

'Elvis' Thru the Years

Johnny Rogers, International Tribute Artist, brings you “Elvis Through the Years”. Johnny is the most versatile artist and most energetic guitarist. Johnny, a Nashville recording artist, has been entertaining audiences all around the world for more than 30 years and is a force to be reckoned with. His shows are extremely dynamic, mixed with humor and brilliance. His tributes to Rock legends Buddy Holly, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Prince and many more, have earned him a place in both the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Midwest American Music Association. 


Johnny will bring you back through the most iconic years of Elvis. He will amaze you with his incredible tribute to the “King of Rock N Roll”, performing hits from Elvis’s 1956 rise to fame to his ‘68 comeback special.  You will be mesmerized by his uncanny rendition of  the “Greatest Entertainer of All Time”. The show will conclude with an extraordinary dedication to Elvis’s HISTORY MAKING 1973 “Aloha from Hawaii“ performance. 


This show will be unforgettable-truly bringing you back to the time of sock hops and soda shops. Come join us for a fun memorable evening of Rock N Roll.

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