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Johnny Rogers

The History of Rock n' roll

Buddy Holly and Beyond

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Johnny Rogers Performer
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History of Rock n' Roll

The Johnny Rogers Show 
The History of Rock n’ Roll - Buddy and Beyond

          The Johnny Rogers Show “The History of Rock n’ Roll” is the story of Buddy and Beyond. Johnny Is perhaps the most versatile performer in America today.  Performing in London, the Netherlands, Germany all over the United States including  New York, Las Vegas, Branson and Chicago.

          Johnny will transport his audience back in time when you could go to your favorite malt shops with your favorite girl and dance to your favorite bands. The Show is a tribute to the music of the legends of Rock n’ Roll. His show will start with Johnny’s uncanny portrayal of the late Buddy Holly and go on with a tribute to the legendary Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson and Chuck Berry, and many more. The show will climax with Johnny’s portrayal the late Elvis Presley.

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